Saturday, November 6, 2010


Well.. I've come to my limit.. Not enough time in the world. Really.
But I'd like to make this work somehow.. Just looking for a new host, one like Imeem, where we can post images like a reader. Hmm.. Anyways, my pcs well-stocked! Re-launching Otome no Ai would be the greatest gift I could give my friends this Christmas.

Now, that's a plan.

I miss you all my comrades. Soon.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yes, I am a mushroom!
But I am a mushroom with a purpose.

Anyway, I would like to update this blog a little with the stuff I've watched over the year.

First off:

1) Ga-rei Zero

I forgot how I ended up watching this, I always have a gut feeling that "It's something good." and I was right.
But not because it has a "Yuri" part in it(Denial!) but it's an anime with an over-all package. Meaning, it's a hit.
I introduced it to the members of Otome no Ai Group in Imeem before and they loved it and went in a frenzy. It was IN for a long period of time.

2) Maria Holic (idk how to make a cross in the middle.)

Like I said in my blog, this is an anime that is all for laughs. The hell if Mariya was a guy, you can just pretend he's Shizu(twin sister). Anyway, it's seldom to find a perverted yuri protagonist in an anime and Kanako is probably the first one because I don't recall anyone who is perverted and much of a dumbass like her. ☺
I found this while browsing all of the upcoming anime's. I think it was in December 2008 because I remember this went out January 2009.


I am not a Mahjong fan and I don't even know how to play it even though
we have one at home and nobody dares play it. We just took it in Hong Kong because nobody wants it.
Anyway, I just took a peek at this anime and I got hooked, I was always waiting for the next episode very patiently every week and you know what, this anime was supposed to have 13 episodes only but it ended up till 25, it's that good and I'm hoping for a 2nd season. Though it's not really a yuri anime, it's more of a Shoujo-ai themed anime. The first episode tells it all and it get's more interesting as the episodes goes by, like something good might happen.

4) Aoi Hana
This was worth the wait. I loved every inch of this anime even though I was expecting a better ending, the Manga is not done so I can't complain about it. I don't know if the watcher's feel the same way as me, I feel fluffy like cotton candy and mushy inside every time I watch this and it's very realistic too.

5) Kanamemo

Like I said, I have gut feelings and this time it's a Yuri feel. LOL
Well, I was able to see a little action on this anime and it gave me some lessons in life and I also died laughing at some of the episodes. Not really much to tell but I still enjoyed it.

6) Kampfer

Just like Maria Holic, forget about the fact that Natsuru is an actual guy because he's hot as the female Natsuru and everyone wants a piece of him when he's his female self. I want one of those entrail plushies, now!

7) To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

It's one-sided love. That's all I gotta say. Though I did see a boob grabbing
moment. Haha! And girls with super powers are always fun to watch esp. if their beating-up the men. lol

8) Sasameki Koto

Thank you Japan for making my dreams come true because girls with glasses rule my world!
I'm still at Manga mode for this anime but I did manage to watch a few of the episodes(until the Ultraman mask kiss). I know and everyone knows what this is all about.

9) Moyashimon
Your probably thinking, "What the hell is this?"
Cute little buggers are fungi or other microscopic stuff but wait!

Look down. ☺

Thanks to my Kouhai!

10) Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke Wo

A true Yuri just like Shoujo Sect.
Adapted from the PC game of the same title.

Coming Soon:
July 30th, 2010.


NOTE: I Forgot to add Shoujo Sect, Mnemosyne and Koi hime Musou and probably others that
I forgot.

And why the hell did I forget K-ON! Anyway, I'd rather have it in a separate blog post because it's a lot to discuss since season 2 is almost done. Sawa-chan was so cool in episode 10!
Moe, moe, ~kyun!

WISHLIST: Girlfriends to Anime ♥

Thursday, March 25, 2010

O.o Kanamemo

It's been too long to count the days/months I've been idle. So I'll go right on to reviewing something yuri.. or yuri-ish... or.. yea...

My mom got me a present for my birthday! And I'm thrilled that I own an mp5 now.. LOL I'm really not a gadget person.. but I'm excited and very very happy about it.

Only prob I had was I don't have anything to watch.. You see, most of my files have been deleted (to make room for Ragnarok and.. stuff.. ) And by most files, I mean my video files.

Thank God for free downloads! And although it took some time, I (again) have Candy Boy and K-On! I'm almost finished with my Sasameki Koto vid so I'm really hyped! Now I can bring them with me to work.. haha!

As I was searching for more (since I can't get enough of yuri.. who can?) I found Kanamemo, and promised myself I'll review every episode if I liked it.

So far, I'm loving it! (By "far", I'm talking about one episode..) Since it's hard for me to download (97.0 kb/sec at most.. boooooo!) and since I need to convert it twice, then transfer to my mp5, it'll take sometime before I can fully review this series. It was released last year, I think (Don't wanna visit Wiki right now, we had an argument...) so I bet it has been reviewed already.

However, for the sake of updating this place, I'll still continue with this project! Huzzaaaahhhh! Hail Otome no Ai! ^^

** It's nice to type words I can relate to again... **

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aoi Hana

Get ready people coz it'll be coming out this July
(That's actually it)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Note: My opinion only folks.. chill.

I'm fond of yaoi. Yes. Why?

Oh come on!

Yea.. told you so..

Anyhows, they have this "roles" most of the time, the seme and the uke. According to wiki, "The two participants in a yaoi relationship are often referred to as seme ("attacker") and uke ("receiver")" It also stated that these "roles" are sometimes in yuri.

So I wonder... in ANIME/MANGA, are these roles reversible? I mean, in yuri I can imagine. But in yaoi? Hmm...

Yuri couples, most of the time, play reverse roles. And you can actually "picture" them doing it. But in yaoi I have yet to see an anime/manga which can reverse the roles. ^_^

I'm not saying yuri is better than yaoi. That's insane. Both are great for me and I adore reading/watching them. I'm just curious.

What would it be like for yaoi to feature a couple which can reverse these roles as easily as we can imagine a yuri couple do it. Just a thought.


Yea, I know, this is a yuri blog, but hey~ mentioned "yuri" 5 times (this being the 6th). Harhar! ^_^

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's official my friends. According to AnimeNewsNetwork there will be a new upcoming yuri series this year and maybe summer. And what series are this?

One of my current favorite manga which is "Sasameki Koto" which is the tale of
Murasame Sumika who is popular in high school for her excellence in the marks and sports. However, she has a secret: she is in love with her classmate Kazama Ushio. Ushio also has a liking to the love between girls, but she hasn't noticed Sumika's feeling and always been refused by other girls. You'll find the translated ones in dynasty scans or livejournal group daily_yuri. They have it there.

Wahaha I can't wait!! Girls with glasses rule! XD I just love the simplicity and the realistic theme of Sasameki Koto. Aaarrrgghhh! I Want to watch the real thing badly!!

And the other one is "Aoi Hana" I've seen this in Lililicious, they have this for download. But I only read a few chapters. Anyway, it's about Fumi Manjoume and Akira Okudaria who were close friends when they were young, but when Fumi moved away, they lost contact. Ten years later, they meet again as high school freshmen. Although they find that things between them have changed, they try to help each other through hard times, and maintaining the new lives they've built without growing apart.

Sorry if I don't have much info. But I'd love to share this with you guys. Anyway, I got it all through anime sites.
Inserted pic is from Sasameki Koto. This is the official poster from their site

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I decided I'll write about yuri pairs who didn't actually ended up together.. or atleast left an open-ended question whether they became closer than what the ending suggested.. ^_^

First off, Kuga Natsuki and Fujino Shizuru from Mai Hime.
They didn't actually obviously ended up together at the end of the Mai Hime show, but fans of the pair can easily deduce that, based from the open show of affection from Shizuru, their relationship went further than hoped for.

Why have fans of a pair who weren't given a blissful end?

A short background, Shizuru is drawn to Natsuki for some reason I still don't get. Well, yes there are people drawn to emo-girls, or rebel girls.. or even revenge-driven girls.. But Shizuru's devotion towards Natsuki is, for me, rather uncanny.

Shizuru ofcourse stated at the latter part of the show that she likes Natsuki "like that". And was unexpectedly dumped! Yes, unexpectedly! I mean, come on! It's like Angelina Jolie proposed to you!! ^_^ Well.. not all people like Angelina Jolie, but that's beside the point! ^_^

But I give credit to the writers for confusing the fans even further, with the last battle Shizuru and Natsuki had. Natsuki hugged and KISSED the poor clueless girl and said something like "sorry, I can't love you like that.. blah blah...". How confusing is that?

Hope is muffed and yet given light all at the same time! My gosh...

So there we are with the did-they-ended-up-together questions and so on... Nothing really was said even at the graduation, last episode of Mai Hime. Except that the two are still close and Shizuru is still going gaga over Natsuki in a calm and sexy way. (I meant to say it like that.. ^_^ )

I know alot of fans out there wished that they had a closure or something.. Like they did end up together, or Shizuru woke up and found herself a husband (dear god.. no..) or Natsuki cleared things up and so on.. Sometimes I wish the people from Doropanda Tours created the Mai Hime show. ^_^

But still, maybe the reason fans like the pair so much is that because of how they are, and how the show gave them their ending. We wouldn't wanna explore two characters openly inlove with each other. Alot of writers were able to bring out different sides of the story, or might have beens for the two, which is kind of nice and creative at the same time.

I've read stories where they ended up with different people, they ended up together, they ended up dead and many more! Since the show ended without giving them a stable ending, all the stories that has a theme of what-happened-next seemed believable. Especially if the characters stayed true to their original personality.

I like Shizuru's devotion and Natsuki's cluelessness. ^_^ Not fair, but nothing's fair. And it happens too.. No matter how devoted you are, somehow that devotion may not be returned as expected.

Mai Otome is a different story, and well, Shizuru and Natsuki were given something else there. And that's not really enough for me, since I like the Mai Hime setting better. ^_^

Me and my selfishness.. ^_^

For detailed information about Mai Hime, Mai Otome, Fujino Shizuru, Kuga Natsuki.. there's always a wiki.. ^_^


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